Reflection by Emily Davis Today's Gospel: John 17:20-26 Do you ever count how many times a day you are asked to ray for others? I don’t think I could begin to put a number on prayer requests I receive. I always feel blessed and humbled by prayer requests. And I am so thankful to call on our Triune God, who I know hears me, along with Mary and the other saints who ntercede on behalf of those I pray for. Now, what if I told you that Jesus Christ, Himself, prayed for you, me, and all humanity; and interceded on our behalfs? Yes, He did! With the weight of the sins of the world past, present, and future all on His blessed shoulders. In this passage, we learn that as Jesus was preparing to die for our sins, He prayed for the disciples and all who would come to believe in Him because of their words or actions. Jesus Himself actually interceded on our behalf. Let that sink in. It is both mind-blowing and something we should not take lightly. In verse 22, He says “the glory that you have given me, I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one”. He is talking to His Father, our Father, about our Christian Faith. Jesus knew that someday His followers would disagree over the meaning of His words and that the Church would be split apart. Currently there are around 150,000 denominations of the Christian Faith and this has greatly watered down Christianity. He agonized over this and implored God to help us be strong enough in faith to bridge the gap. We are blessed to be Catholic and enjoy the fruits of the true Church, founded by Jesus Himself. But we must find common ground with our Christian brothers and sisters, and work to bring them back into one fold. This is the prayer of Jesus, y’all!


Jesus was praying “on behalf of these, and all who will believe through their word”. We are now the disciples He speaks of. How will you evangelize His holy Name, reach His people, and bring them back into the fold of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church?


Dear Lord, as You were preparing to die for our sins, You prayed for us. I know you are praying for us still, as we fight the battle for souls that we face daily as your disciples. In your name – we fight on, Lord! Amen!
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