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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper - John 13:1-15


Nothing like being told that Jesus gave you a model to follow, so go do it. My first reaction is something akin to, “Really? Son of God comes and gives us marching orders—the guy who died on a cross! the guy who performed miracles!—and here I am with [insert list of major personal failings], and you expect me to do WHAT?”

But then I dial it back a notch, and I read what came first. Before Jesus gave His apostles any instructions, He acted. He gave an example. He didn’t ask anyone to do anything He wouldn’t—and didn’t already—do.

You don’t tell your kids to clean the toilets without giving them some instructions and probably also a how-to demonstration. You don’t toss a project to a colleague with vague instructions and expect it to come back perfectly complete.

Jesus was the ultimate teacher, and right before He told the apostles to follow his model, He washed their feet. Sit with that a moment, and think of the last time you touched a grown person’s foot at the end of a long day. Now add the dust and grime that would have been on them after walking through town.

Yeah. “Do as I do” doesn’t sound so great, but it also doesn’t sound impossible. Jesus has cred. And He’s showing us how it’s done.

Kneel down. Offer yourself. Be humble—not in theory, but in practice. Open yourself to the possibilities that come when you allow yourself to act as Jesus did.




What is one small way you can serve someone today, with love and with intentionality?



OK, Jesus, I’m game to try this. Walk with me. Help me. Guide me. And let me be effective in the mission You have for me today.


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Open yourself to the possibilities that come when you allow yourself to act as Jesus did. #dailygospel



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