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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Laurann Donahue

Today's Gospel: Mark 2:1-12


The healing of the paralytic is one of the most positive of Jesus’ miracles. Jesus is moved by the faith, not of the paralytic, but of his friends. The friends absolutely believed Jesus would help him, if only they could get their friend to Jesus. They were so desperate to get their friend to Him, that they made a hole in the roof to get to Him. What great faith!

That is the kind of faith we should have: absolute belief in the power of Jesus. Jesus had the power to heal the man, physically, but He chose to heal the man from within. What sins could the paralytic have possibly committed? Who knows, but that was not the point of Jesus’ actions. He forgave the man’s sins to show that He had that power--the power that is reserved for God. In this way, He revealed who He was: God the Son. His power of forgiveness is absolute.

What joy this should give us! Jesus can forgive us anything; all we have to do is have faith in Him. When we go to Him, He will forgive us. Today, we can go to confession. His friend, the priest, brings our sins to Jesus; like the friends of the paralytic brought their friend to Jesus. We can hear those words out loud, “Your sins are forgiven.” That is the voice of Jesus. Hallelujah.



Are you paralyzed by sin?



Dear Jesus, please forgive my sins, so that I will no longer be paralyzed. Let me feel Your power of forgiveness in my life every day. Amen.

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Jesus can forgive us anything; all we have to do is have faith in Him. #dailygospel


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