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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Tracy Eisner

Today's Gospel: John 19:25-27 - Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows


During His last hours on the cross, in pain, struggling to breathe and trusting in God to release Him from His misery, Jesus was still able to provide for those He loved -- His disciple, John, and His mother, giving them to one another to love and care for each other.

When I think of my husband, children, my sister, mother, family, dear friends, it is easy to see how Jesus was still concerned enough to take care of them despite his physical suffering. So many times in my motherhood I have gone above and beyond what I would have done for myself and done for my children -- provide for them, care for them, love them -- even at their most unlovable. And even then I would give them whatever I could to assure their happiness, peace, and safety. It is how I love; I nurture. Jesus did that for us. Even in His last moments, He did it for us so that we could find happiness, peace, safety; He loved us, nurtured us and provided for us even at our most unlovable.



How do we respond to Jesus' gift of eternal provision? Do we ask? Do we seek? Do we try to love like Jesus?



Jesus, help me to love and nurture those around me today, even at their most unlovable.

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Even in His last moments, Jesus loved us, nurtured us and provided for us, even at our most unlovable. #dailygospel


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Catholic mama of 4 beautiful redheads! Married to my high school sweetie since 1994. I enjoy blogging and hope that some of my experiences and our family's trials can shed a witness to the hope we have to rise above any situation because of the graces we are granted in Jesus Christ!