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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark 16:15-20

When I read this Scripture passage, I'm jealous of the disciples. Imagine Jesus giving us the power to cast out demons, speak different languages, pick up lethal things with our hands, drink poison and not get hurt, and touch the sick to make them well.

The more I ponder this passage, however, the more I realize Jesus gave us these powers when He gave us the Great Commission of motherhood.

It’s as if the minute we give birth, we become baby whisperers. We come to know our children so well, we intuitively know how to calm their fears, comfort them after a bad dream, and fill their little hearts with peace.

Along the way, we pick up the gift of baby-speak, recognizing our children’s secret language that conveys their needs. As they age, certain words and terms become part of our own foreign language, understood only by those who live under our roof.

We also develop a mother’s radar for upcoming danger, prompting us to physically remove obstacles from their path to avoid harm, keeping them safe.

For those of us whose kids have been bullied, we miraculously know how to accompany them through it. The journey may be hard, but we armor our kids, and ourselves, with God’s grace so we don’t ingest the poisonous words of others and let them kill our spirit.

Lastly, we’re given the gift of healing for our children. Of course, we bring them to the doctor and fill and administer the necessary prescriptions. But it’s our nursing and comfort that makes their hearts well. Physical healing comes much faster after a heart is nurtured with love.




Have I ever considered my motherhood as Jesus’ Great Commission to me? Do I recognize that He has given me all I need to do the job successfully?



Great Commissioner, thank You for the gift of motherhood and all the ways You’ve equipped me for this vocation.


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