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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Mark 9:30-37

In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches us that if we really wish to be first, we must take the role of a servant. To do this is to imitate Him. The disciples were discussing amongst themselves who was the greatest. Isn’t it just like our world today that without even realizing it, we want to be better than others? As Catholic mothers, we may have hopes and aspirations for our kids that may be off track. In a worldly way, we may desire for our children to be smart, good-looking, wealthy, and popular. This is wrong thinking, and that is why the Lord carefully guides His disciples and us, as well.

Jesus knows and understands that as humans, we need to be redirected to what will bring us true joy and fulfillment. What will bring us the most fulfillment in life is in having a servant’s heart like His. Not only must we live lives dedicated to God and others, but we must also instruct our children to do the same. If we neglect to do this, we are doing a great disservice to our children and our families. At the end of the Gospel, Jesus says that if we receive a child in His name, we receive Him. If we don’t receive a child or “like a child,” then we have missed out. We can take this instruction both literally and figuratively.

In a literal way, when we are open to life and in our understanding of the gift of children to the world, we are blessed. Figuratively, we can think of those people in our lives who may be less fortunate, marginalized, and rejected. These are people we can also receive into our hearts and lives in following the example of Christ.

In the end, when we imitate Christ through His life of sacrifice and in His teachings, we are on the right road. Power, pleasure, and popularity only last for a time. We are invited to step aside and care for our brothers and sisters in need and to receive His word into our hearts each day. In meditating on today’s Gospel, we learn that modeling Christ is the only way we can find true joy.




How can we as Catholic mothers live and teach humility through our lives?



Lord, we will never find fulfillment in wishing to be better than others. Help us to model You through a sacrificial life of service.


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