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Help your kids learn to cook by trying one of these four variations on that simple Meatless Friday standby, tuna casserole. 

When I was a kid, there was a running joke about tuna casserole on the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter. It's the only meal the main character's wife knew how to cook, but she didn't cook it well. My grad-school roommate taught me to make it, and as inexpensive, simple comfort food it couldn't be beat.

Unfortunately for me, only one of my kids likes tuna casserole, and she's out on her own now. So it's become a running joke in my house, too. When I ask my husband and teenage son what they'd like for dinner and they say something like, "Oh, I don't care," I reply, "Tuna casserole for everyone!" One of these days I'll follow through on that.

There are as many ways to prepare tuna casserole as there are moms to make it; our readers and friends share four variations on the tuna casserole theme. And there are many ways kids can help make it. Beginning with tasks even very young children can do, here are some ways you can hold a summer cooking lesson while you prepare a tuna casserole:


  • Gather ingredients from the pantry
  • Measure pasta or frozen vegetables
  • Pour liquid ingredients
  • Mix ingredients
  • Crush potato chips (in bags) to use for casserole toppings
  • Sprinkle toppings

Primary Grades:

  • Everything the younger group can do
  • Measure liquid ingredients
  • Fill a pot of water to cook pasta
  • Open cans of tuna and soup
  • Drain tuna
  • Set oven to the correct temperature

Upper Elementary:

  • Everything the younger groups can do
  • Cook and drain pasta
  • Bake the casserole

Middle School and Up:

Kids and teens in this age group can make this meal independently.

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Which of these versions of tuna casserole will you try?

Not Your Mother's Tuna Casserole

Catholic Mom author Christine Johnson shares a healthy redo of this family favorite.

Tuna Casserole 5


So Easy, So Cheap Tuna Casserole

Catholic Mom reader Chelle S. offers a recipe for tuna casserole that capitalizes on the ramen noodle craze.


Tuna Casserole 6


Kid-Friendly Tuna Casserole

Are your kids picky about the veggies in their tuna casserole? Reader Dana notes that other vegetables, like corn, can be used in place of the traditional peas.


Tuna Casserole 7


Tuna Casserole

Want tuna casserole without the canned cream soup? Try Veronica Gantley's twist on an old favorite!


Tuna Casserole 8

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