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We've collected half a dozen recipes to help you use up the rest of the eggs you bought (but didn't boil) at Easter.

Is your refrigerator overstocked with eggs? They're an inexpensive, easy-to-prepare protein source that is endlessly versatile—and breakfast for dinner is almost always a hit with kids and adults alike. Try one of these six favorite recipes for tonight's meatless meal, with a side of your favorite fruit.

My favorite Mexican Omelet isn't on the menu at my local diner anymore, but I can make it at home whenever I like.



Quiche doesn't have to be complicated. Mary Lou Rosien explains how to make an Easy Spinach Quiche and how to customize the recipe with your favorite add-ins.



Kate Taliaferro's Vegetarian Egg Strata makes enough to feed a big family.

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Half a dozen recipes featuring the easy-to-prepare egg. #MeatlessFriday #catholicmom


Monica Portogallo's Baked Cinnamon Raisin French Toast takes only minutes to prepare: no standing at the stove flipping slices of bread!

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Carolyn Astfalk's recipe for Swiss Chard Pie makes enough for two (pies, that is): you'll have enough for a big family or to share with friends.

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When you're feeding a crowd but want to keep food prep simple, try Charlene Rack's Potato Frittata Casserole.

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You can find all our Meatless Friday featured recipes here.

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