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We've gathered up recipes for delicious meatless finger foods for your New Year's Eve party - or any special occasion.

New Year's Eve falls on a Friday this year, but there are plenty of festive options you can serve your family and friends. Whether you're hosting a party or celebrating earlier with the kids, you'll find delicious meatless party food ideas here.

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Festive meatless finger foods for your New Year's Eve celebration (or anytime). #catholicmom

Oven-Fried Finger Food




Monica Portogallo shares a simple recipe to make your own appetizers!


Stuffed Bread




Danielle Heckenkamp's Stuffed Bread is hearty enough for a simple meal -- or slice it up to add to a party platter.


Crab Meat Bruschetta




Karen Ullo's Crab Meat Bruschetta makes a simple appetizer in just a few minutes.


Quick and Easy Nut-Free Hummus


20140328 ROrtiz 2


Got 5 minutes? That's all you need to make this allergy-friendly hummus dip, from our friend Rhonda Ortiz.


Greek Feta Pizza




Tanya Weitzel's Greek Feta Pizza recipe is a slam-dunk with kids and adults. Slice it into thin strips to make it an easy party appetizer.


Pretzels and Beer Cheese


20211231 MeatlessFriday Pretzels and Cheese


Erin McCole Cupp's Oktoberfest recipe is great for a party at any time of year, and fun for the family to make together.


Baba Ghanoush




Jeff Young shares a recipe for Baba Ghanoush, an eggplant dip that's a close cousin to hummus, from his cookbook, Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie.

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