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Celebration ideas for families who cannot yet attend Holy Week and Easter Masses and services or who want extra ideas for celebrating at home.

We've searched our archives for Holy Week activities families can enjoy at home. Be sure to visit our Sunday Gospel Activities page for free printable puzzles, coloring pages, and more. 


Holy Week and the Triduum

5 Ways to Celebrate the Triduum at Home: Jane Korvemaker shares 5 ways to participate in the Triduum at home, including a printable Easter Vigil prayer service based on Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Holy Week at Home: Cassie Everts offers ideas for families to celebrate the Holy Triduum at home.

3 Ways to Honor the Triduum from Home (With Kids!): Ginny Kochis offers 3 ways to honor the Triduum with your children -- without leaving home.

Celebrating Holy Week in the Domestic Church: Margaret Dwyer Hogan details Catholic Mom's Holy Week and Easter activities and resources.

A Different Kind of Holy Week: Carol S. Bannon ponders how many of our prayers can hold even greater significance this Holy Week because of the pandemic.

Keeping Holy Week Sacred Amidst the Hullabaloo: Lisa Hendey lists ways to immerse your home in prayer in preparation for Easter.

The Scriptural Way of the Cross: Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur describes a Church-approved alternate way of praying the Stations of the Cross.

Three Ways to Cultivate Silence during Holy Week: AnneMarie Miller discusses some ways in which we can turn a potentially busy time into an opportunity for extra silence and fruitful prayer.


We've searched our archives for Holy Week activities families can enjoy at home. #catholicmom


Easter Vigil: Bring your Family to the Fire. Take part in the outdoor portion of the Easter Vigil, if your parish celebration will include the Blessing of the Fire. (My parish, while celebrating in-person Masses this year, is not including this portion of the Easter Vigil, so double-check before you plan to head out for this.)

Add a Pinch of Wonder: Celeste Behe shares a Holy Saturday tradition: a recipe for Resurrection Rolls.

Resurrection Cookies: Kelly Guest desired a way to make the Easter story strikingly real to her kids - by making Resurrection Cookies. Share the good news of Easter with your children in a deliciously creative way.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Octave of Easter: The Church celebrates Easter day for 8 full days, and so can you. Jane Korvemaker offers 5 ways to enjoy the feast.

50 Ways to Celebrate the 50 Days of Easter with Your Children: Nicole Ernest shares a fun list of 50 activities to do with your children to celebrate the 50 days of Easter.

19 Catholic Ways to Celebrate Easter All Season Long: Ginny Kochis offers 19 ways to celebrate the full Easter season, from Catholic moms just like you.


What are your family's plans for Holy Week and Easter this year?

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